Monday, May 7, 2012

Belief in Progressive Politics

In the past few days, I've received an invitation to support progressive politics. In that case, I was asked if I'll be willing to support a candidate who aimed to be re-elected. As a blogger, I had a deep thinking about the scenario. If I go for the money, I might participate in the campaign. There's no harm in doing it anyway. However, if I follow my own political views, I won't take part in the program.

Being a political science graduate taught me about the principle of the "lesser evil." Choosing a candidate involves a long process of evaluating the person involved. For example, a government official who seeks to be reelected in the next elections must be strong enough to win again the hearts of the people. But, what if the contending party is more capable of bringing greater good for the country? Will you give him a chance? It's up to you. In politics, trial and error is also applicable, only that long economic and social struggles are at stake.

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