Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kodak Prepares for Filing Bankruptcy

The fast-paced environment and highly-advanced technological development might caused Kodak to finally slow down its business. Basically, the company was considered a dominant institution in its industry but failed to cope up with the fast-changing business community.

Eastman Kodak company has been in the news for their active move in filing bankruptcy protection. Perhaps, its former clients are no longer happy with the old ways of photo printing and film production. According to business websites, the company fails to sell digital patents which led to its decision to file bankruptcy proceeding.


Rahul said...

I am really sad to hear and read about Kodak which I like it from childhood days film camera even photograph on Kodak paper colour etc. How a company unless keeps pace with the change can perish Kodak is the example . It is a lesson for all.

Trendy Karen said...

Technology has its own way of improving things at the expense of others, just like Kodak. When I was young, my mother and I used to visit a Kodak shop in our place to have our pictures printed. The best photos that I had with Kodak is when we visited several Cavite resorts. Now that we frequently visit Mount Sea Resort in Cavite, we no longer use Kodak for printing photos. We just take images using our cellphones and upload the pictures in our laptops.